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Trained Rescue and Salvage Crews

The rescue and salvage of the 44 foot Nordic tug ď Winsome Lass"

Cap Sante Marina, after grounding and being left high and dry by the tides was complicated by a fuel leak into the bilge.  When the vessel healed on its Port Side the fuel transferred to the low side tank and began leaking into the bilge from a faulty connection at the vent. Fortunately, all fuel was contained in the vessel instead of being released into the harbor.  By following our directive to shut off bilge pumps, there was no pollution released.  We immediately directed Globalís pollution response team to the vessel, and they removed and contained all the spilled diesel.  Our vessels stood by until the return of the tide, when she was gently pulled off the strand.  She proceeded to the haul out under her own power escorted by our fast response vessel, RETRIEVER, with Capt. JR aboard the casualty to assist in maneuvering docking and checking systems.  It was truly fortunate that the series of events was not complicated by a fuel release into the harbor.  Professional response and available resources were the key to this successful endeavor.


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