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Dear John and Trish,

I deliberately waited a week before sending you a "Thank You" to try to objectively convey my sincere gratitude for what you both did for me and my family last Friday. I did not want my response to be purely emotionally based. So with the benefit of hindsight, rational thinking and a sprinkling of emotion I say to you both "THANK YOU....THANK YOU.....THANK YOU"! I am unable to convey the relief I felt when I saw the flashing red light of Able as you guys came to our rescue. We all work in fields of our choice to make a living but I really believe you summoned some courage, above and beyond "the call of duty" to come out in those conditions to rescue me and my family! Without you we would have been "up the proverbial creek without a paddle" and I loathe thinking where that could have led us!! Because YOU cared enough to make the effort to come to our aid, 

I get the opportunity to live, and more importantly, learn from my mistakes. How cool is that?

Your kindness and good humor, even after the rescue, were much appreciated and it is a huge relief to know that you and your vessels are there in such situations. From the bottom of our hearts, we, and in particular me, THANK YOU....THANK YOU....THANK YOU!!!!

Best Wishes

Crispin T.Roberts